Oprah’s Racist Tweet Provokes International Outrage


Oprah Winfrey, known widely as a champion of tolerance and equality, is on a rapid descent into the bowels of public scorn after tweeting the above racial slur. After receiving heavy criticism for her vile, insensitive, hateful, bigoted, reprehensible, heinously-appalling statement, she has yet to issue an apology or express any remorse. Yesterday she even retweeted the same tweet to President Obama.

Many of her followers have deserted her and denounced her remarks publicly. Discovery Communications and Harpo Productions have revealed that they are “looking into the matter” but have not confirmed whether The Oprah Winfrey Show will continue to air. Meanwhile Oprah’s twitter feed is overwhelmed by people speaking out against her vicious racial slur:

“@OprahWinfrey is a racist, thickheaded neanderthal and an offense to humanity. We’ve enjoyed her show for over 20 years and now this. Go lick an ebola-infected fencepost you prehistoric goon!”

“That’s disgusting and not funny @OprahWinfrey. Go back to the medieval times you javelin-throwing baby killer!”

“Why are hateful, intolerant stereotypes like this funny, @OprahWinfrey? Some people have no love. Go start a colony on mars you vapid, steam-cleaned Croft & Barrow® Classic-Fit Solid Broadcloth Point Collar Dress Shirt!”

The public whiplash turned towards President Obama who, apparently approving of Oprah’s tasteless tweet, retweeted to the United Nations suggesting that they require the entire country of Italy and all of its ethnically Italian residents to exist on a 15 degree slant. 


Obama immediately issued an apology admitting he was wrong and had a temporary lapse in judgement, saying “They don’t normally let me tweet my own tweets, and now I see why.”


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